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Family Support

Partner Certification

Through a partnership with the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, BPA Health helps parents and caregivers who have raised or are raising children with behavioral health challenges or mental illness apply for and renew their Family Support Partner certification.

6-Month Certification

Apply for your 6-month Peer Support Specialist Certification.

Certification Renewal

Renew your 1-year certification.

Supervisor Verification

Verify hours of CPSS supervision, work and or volunteer experience.*

*Must be submitted by supervisors for CPSSs who currently hold a 6-month certification and have completed their hours of supervision and work/volunteer experience.

Extension Requests

Request an extension of your 6-month certification to complete your supervision and/or work experience.

Request an extension of your 1-year certification to complete your hours of continuing education.

Certification Status

Request inactive certification status.

Request active certification status
after a period of inactive status or certification expiration.


Apply for family support specialist certification by reciprocity from another state.

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Family Support Partner Training

Find training opportunities to begin your journey to becoming a certified Peer Support Specialist.

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Connect With Us

Have questions about applying for or renewing your certification, or where to find training? We’re here to help.