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Housing Assistance

Thank you for your interest in the Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Housing Assistance Program.  


As of May 2024, this program has reached maximum capacity and the grant funding has been fully exhausted.


We are no longer able to accept initial/first time and continued assistance applications. Participants with existing authorizations will receive a program termination letter to the email on file.  For additional assistance please call BPA Health at 1-800-486-4372. 


This program is made possible with the partnership of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. 

How it Works

  1. 1

    Step 1: Submit your completed application and copies of rent/mortgage and/or utility statements

  2. 2

    Step 2: Have your provider verify that you are currently enrolled in and attending substance use disorder treatment OR that you have completed treatment in the past 90 days

  3. 3

    Step 3: Once you begin receiving assistance, submit statements of housing and/or utility bill(s) by the 15th of the month

  4. 4

    Step 4: If you are still in treatment, your provider must submit the attestation form each month before you receive funding. If you’ve completed treatment, you must check in with BPA Health by the 15th of each month.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Idaho residents who are currently taking part in SUD treatment services or have successfully completed SUD treatment within the last 90 days and meet income eligibility requirements.

This program covers rent or mortgage assistance and utility payments including power, water, sewer, gas, and trash. Eligible participants can access the program for one or all of these services. Reimbursement is provided directly to the landlord/mortgage company, or utility company.

Refer to the application for specific required information. We use an online platform that meets HIPAA and 42 CFR security standards for personal information. Rent/mortgage and utility bills will be required, as payments are made directly to rent/mortgage and utility companies.

Apply by filling out the application here.

BPA Health’s team of specialists is here to assist you. Please call (800) 486-4372 during standard business hours.

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Get in Touch

For additional questions or support regarding housing assistance, our team of specialists is here to help.