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BPA Health leaders are experts in behavioral health and business practices, with an altruistic focus and community-minded approach. Collectively, we possess the specialized knowledge, respected professional connections and a longstanding reputation for results that have compelled top providers and business leaders to select BPA Health as their partner of choice in the Northwest and nationally. We have trusted our leaders to sustain our business and we hope that you’ll look to them to grow and enhance yours.

Whit's current venture is inspiring hope in the Middle East through against-the-odds business practices.
(208) 947-1300
Whit Jones, Ph. D.
Chairman of the Board
Sarah works to make the world a better place for our customers, providers and employees. And she'll take a pie in the face for a good cause.
(208) 947-1304
Sarah Woodley
Carl makes sure we retain and grow our business, and that we do that business well. And that's him racing his bike.
(208) 947-1310
Carl Arriola
John coaches individuals to excellence and teaches us how to be happy and healthy. He LOVES travel and food.
(208) 859-7598
John Roberts, M.A.
Director of Organizational Development
Bill provides medical expertise that promotes health, productivity and safety. His favorite summer activity is "Gramp Camp."
(208) 947-5117
William Hazle, MD, FASAM
Medical Director
Carrie ensures that our clinical services promote recovery and wellness. She has recently become a surfer girl.
(208) 947-5149
Carrie Eichberg, PSY.D.
Clinical Director
Tina builds relationships with our clients and business partners. Tennis, anyone?
(208) 947-1276
Tina Taylor
Client Services Manager
Kristina ensures that we consistently meet our customers' needs and expectations. She can jam on the piano.
(208) 947-5125
Kristina Hansen
Member Services Manager
Amanda holds us to our quality promises, evaluates the sucess of our services and ensures we meet our training goals.She loves the Idaho outdoors.
(208) 947-1277
Amanda Cox
Quality, Evaluation & Training Manager
Brina ensures we meet our commitment to our partners. She enjoys family time and the Broncos.
(208) 947-1279
Brina Jensen
Operations Manager
Robert navigates us through the complex financial and regulatory aspects of healthcare. Who doesn't love a good cat museum?
(208) 947-1320
Robert Juengling
Director of Finance & Accounting
Maggie and her team provide legendary customer service for our publicly funded programs. She is a world traveler.
(208) 947-1313
Maggie Barroso
Customer Service
Caitlynn and her team help employees and supervisors use their EAP to improve productivity. She lives life in full color.
(208) 947-1286
Caitlynn Eguia
Customer Service
Jenny and her team guide individuals to the resources they need to create and sustain wellness is all areas of their lives. She loves to whip up delicious treats. Go Raiders!
(208) 947-1282
Jenny Brown
Care Management Operations Supervisor