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Peer and Family Support Certification Guide


Certification Process

Download the Certification Guide Here


1)  Before applying for certification, applicants must successfully complete a minimum of 40 hours of Peer Support Specialist or Family Support Partner Training that is recognized by the State of Idaho. For a list of recognized training entities, please visit the training page.

 Once you have completed training, apply for certification online here. Certification takes place online and the electronic form will walk you through each step of the process.

**Please note you must apply for certification BEFORE obtaining your required hours of supervision and work experience. This will allow you to earn certification and become a paid employee while obtaining your hours.

 Once your application for certification is complete and approved by the Peer and Family Support Certification Committee (Certification Committee), you will receive proof of certification in the mail. We make our best effort to provide a quick turn around on each application we receive, however it may take up to 30 days to review your application and send your certificate. In most cases, applicants who have just completed training are issued a 6-month certification because they still need to complete the work experience and supervision that is required for a full 1-year certification.

 After receiving your 6-month certification, you are a Certified Peer Support Specialist (CPSS) or Certified Family Support Partner (CFSP) depending on the designation for which you have applied. You will then use the next 6 months to accrue 100 hours of work (or volunteer) experience if you hold a bachelor’s degree or higher in a human services field OR 200 hours of work (or volunteer) experience if you hold a high school diploma, GED, or bachelors degree in a non-human services field. During your 6-month application, you must also receive 20 hours of supervision from a professional who holds a degree in a human services field and supervisory capacity at your organization. Please note that continuing education is NOT required during your initial 6-month certification.

​You may request a 4-month extension if you need more than 6 months to accrue 20 hours of supervision and 100-200 hours of work/volunteer experience based on your education. You may apply for an extension here. You will need to provide us with the number of hours you have accrued and your plan for accruing your remaining hours. We understand it may take longer than 6 months to accrue the required hours of work and supervision and would be happy to grant you an extension of time if needed. Your certification will expire if you do not complete your required hours during your 6-month certification and do not request an extension of time.

 Once you have completed your hours, your supervisor must submit the Supervision and Work/Volunteer Experience Form found here. You may submit more than one form if you receive work/volunteer hours at more than one location or if you have been supervised by more than one supervisor. Please note that your supervisor(s) will need to complete this form to verify your work/volunteer/supervision hours.

 When all of your hours of work/volunteer/supervision are submitted and verified by the Certification Committee, you will be granted a full 1-year certification.

 You must then earn at least 10 hours of continuing education annually with at least 1 hour of continuing education in ethics to renew your certification each year. Please visit the continuing education page to learn about continuing education requirements and opportunities. You must obtain certificates of completion for your continuing education to submit with your certification renewal application each year. Certificates of completion must include your name, the topic/title of the continuing education, the organization who provided the training with a signature, the number of hours of continuing education you completed, and date of completion. Please note hours of continuing education must be obtained within the current certification period. Please ensure that your continuing education falls under the topics listed on the continuing education page, keep track of your certificates of completion, and submit certificates of completion when applying for certification renewal each year.

  Apply for renewal of your certification each year by submitting the Certification Renewal Application found here along with your continuing education certificates of completion. It is your responsibility to renew your certification every year before it expires. Please submit all certification renewal requirements 30 days prior to your certification expiration date so the Certification Committee can process your application. For example, if your certification expires on June 30, please submit your renewal application by May 30.


Download the Certification Guide Here

Feel free to let us know if you have questions about the certification process by emailing [email protected].