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Peer & Family

Support Certification

Draw from your experience navigating mental health challenges to help others. We help peers apply for and renew their Peer Support Specialist and Family Support Partner certification.

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Peer Support Specialist Certification

Peers provide vital support as a resource and role model for those with mental health challenges. Through sharing their experiences with mental illness and recovery, Certified Peer Support Specialists offer encouragement, hope, and understanding.
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Family Support Partner Certification

Parents and caregivers who have children with mental illness or behavioral health challenges serve as crucial support partners for families going through similar experiences.

How it Works

  1. 1

    Complete training, then apply for a 6-month certification

  2. 2

    Submit your hours of supervision and work or volunteer experience

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    Maintain your credentials with continuing education, apply for renewal each year, and receive your 1-year certification

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This is an awesome program. BPA Health has made it so easy and comfortable for someone with my type of mental health disability to continue pursuing my dream job and my passion for helping others.
Applicant, Peer Support Specialist Certification
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Continuing Education

Peer Support Specialists and Family Support Partners must complete 10 hours of continuing education each year with at least one hour in Ethics to stay certified. Choose from a variety of topics and organizations offering training.

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Certification Renewal

Renew your Peer Support Specialist or Family Support Partner certification each year after meeting your continuing education hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The two types of certifications are:


Certified Peer Support Specialist. More information can be found here.


Certified Family Support Partner. More information can be found here.

No, BPA Health does not provide the training to become certified. We provide contact information for organizations offering the training on our training pages, Peer Support Specialist training page & Family Support Partner training page. Once individuals have completed training, we help people apply for and renew their certification.

First, attend a training. To find training information for your area, visit the training page. Once you complete training, apply for and receive your 6-month certification. Next, complete 20 hours of supervision and the required 100-200 hours of work experience based on your background. Once your supervisor submits verification of your hours, you’ll get your 1-year certification. To stay certified, complete 10 hours of continuing education each year and apply for certification renewal.

Check out the certification guide to learn more about the steps to becoming certified. Peer Support Specialist and Family Support Partner Certification Guide

Find information about training in your area on the training page.

Certification requirements according to the Idaho Administrative Procedure Act are:
– Lived experience
– High school diploma or GED
– 40 hours of training
– 20 hours of supervision and 100-200 hours of work/volunteer experience
– 10 hours of continuing education each year with at least 1 hour in Ethics

Please review the certification guide for more information. Peer Support Specialist and Family Support Partner Certification Guide

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Connect With Us

Contact us with questions or further support in applying for or renewing your certification.