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Call to Action!  We are asking Idaho Behavioral Health Providers to join our network now to be ready to serve Medicaid members quickly and efficiently in the future.

  • Sign a Contract – The strongest statement you can make now in supporting our efforts is to sign a contract. This non-binding contract will be followed by a fee schedule when the State of Idaho has released the details for the plan. Signing a contract now will reduce your administrative burden when the Medicaid plan is being implemented.
  • Sign a Letter of Intent to Provide Medicaid Service– If you are not ready to sign a contract now, please let us know that you intend to sign a contract when we are awarded the Idaho Behavioral Health Plan next year.

Additional support can be offered by writing a Letter of Support offering your recommendation of BPA Health and the Collaborative as we work to increase access and improve outcomes for recipients of these publicly funded services.

If you would like to provide us with feedback on how Idaho’s Medicaid population can be better served, please fill out our Provider Questionnaire.

Join the Network– Request a Contract for Signature Updated
We are building the Medicaid provider network now! If you are ready to be a voice for change in Idaho's delivery of behavioral health services to the Medicaid population, click the link below to start the contracting process.

Join The Collaborative

Sign a Letter of Intent to Provide Medicaid Service Updated
A letter of Intent expresses your intent to join our Medicaid provider network should our bid for the Idaho Behavioral Health Plan be successful. Your letter helps us make our case to the decision-makers at the state that is it time for real change.

To provide us with a letter of intent, please click the link below.

Letter of Intent to Provide Medicaid Service
Sign or Upload a Letter of Support Updated
If you are a behavioral health stakeholder, a provider currently contracted in the BPA Health Provider Network, or a member of the community who is ready to help us change how behavioral health is delivered in Idaho, please help us strengthen our bid by giving us a letter of support.

Click the link below and you can attach your own letter or use the template we have provided.

Letter of Support
About the Idaho Behavioral Health Collaborative Updated
BPA Health has teamed with Beacon Health Options, Blue Cross of Idaho, and the Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline to bring national expertise and trusted relationships to Idaho's Medicaid population. This relationship effectively aligns the best organizations, programs, and people to tackle the difficult issues that have plagued Idaho's Medicaid delivery system for years.  Our goal is to address the challenges of access, rising costs, and increasing quality expectations while focusing on strong community collaborations, member and family engagement, patient health outcomes, transparency, and evidence-based practices. Among the four organizations is nearly 155 years of combined behavioral health experience.
About BPA Health Updated
For over 40 years, BPA Health has pioneered behavioral health in Idaho & the Northwest. Founded in Caldwell, Idaho and currently operated out of Boise, our Idaho roots run deep. Our legacy in Idaho is one of commitment to providing real and human solutions that make lives better, organizations more effective and communities stronger.

BPA Health was founded on the principles of compassion, trust and stewardship of the health and wellbeing of the individuals and organizations we serve. Today, our footprint as well as our range of services and solutions has grown, but our promise remains true. We view the world with empathy and expertise inspired by creative business thinking. As a result, we develop and deliver products and services to support specific, often overlooked aspects and outcomes of behavioral health. Whether working for a broader, more inclusive definition of healthcare or more efficient and effective business solutions, a strong spirit of service defines our company and our work.

For more information, visit the BPA Health website

Or contact:
Theresa Waggoner
Provider Network Manager
Direct/Cell: 208-985-6459
Email:[email protected]
About Beacon Health Options Updated
As BPA Health began to discuss a potential partnership with Beacon Health Options (Beacon), what became apparent immediately was that although we are very different companies in terms of size and location, we share very similar core values and a passion for doing managed care the right way. Beacon brings with them a wealth of knowledge and experience as the holders of multiple managed care contracts nationally. Beacon is innovative and takes an approach that seeks to elevate the talents and contributions of local institutions and providers.

BPA Health is proud to call Beacon Health Options our partner

If you would like to know more about Beacon, we invite you to check out their website

Or contact:
Sarah M, Alquist
Vice President, Business Development, West Region
Direct/Cell: 657-222-7759
Email: [email protected]
FAQ Updated
View of FAQ by clicking the link below.

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